Why am I having problems accessing the Environics Analytics SFTP site?

Errors you may see when trying to access you personal FTP site.

Timeouts – When copying large files, browsers may time out causing an error. When copying large files or files that may potentially take a long time, it’s best practice to use an FTP client like filezilla instead of a browser.


Unzipping files on SFTP – You should never un-compress a file on the SFTP server. Doing so will most probably cause an error. Please copy the zipped files to your machine and unzip there.


IP address changes – If your IP address changes (like if you work from home on a selected day) this may cause an issue with an unknown IP address. During initial account setup, EA asks for an IP or range of IPs to attach to the account. If we attach these, only they can get through as an added measure of security.


IP address ban – if a customer tries to logon 3 or more times unsuccessfully, their IP address will be temporarily banned. The DGO will need to be contacted to un-block their IP. This is the most common reason connection errors are generated.

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