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Importing Customer Files-ENVISION QuickStart (US)

You can import customer files into ENVISION5. You can upload a file of customers with address information or coordinate information. The process itself does not differ much, other than specifying the fields that contain that information.

There are four steps in the process of importing a customer file:
1. Upload the file
2. Specify the file properties
3. Specify the geocode settings
4. Specify any additional fields (optional)

To import a customer file with address information into ENVISION5, the file needs at minimum, either an address, and city/town, and state or a 5 digit ZIP Code for each customer record.

To import a customer file with coordinate information into ENVISION5, the file needs at minimum, both a longitude and latitude coordinate.

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  • When looking at the downloaded results from the ENVISION5 geocoder, the values in the GeoLevel field should be interpreted as follows:
    - ZIP5 is a a 5-digit ZIP code
    - ZIP-9 is also known as a ZIP+4 code. The 5 digit ZIP code followed by a hyphen and an additional 4 digits to identify a more specific geographic area within the ZIP code.

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