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Allocate - How do I create custom reports?

If you're running a report and don't need all the variables listed in the pre-formatted reports inside of Allocate, consider running a custom report.  This method allows you to run only the variables you need.

Within the Variables tab, select the variables (double click on them) you want on your report.  These variables will populate the Output Variables box on the right side of the screen.  Make sure your Output Mode is set to Report (on the right side of the screen).

Now, to save this variable list and make it into a report that can be used over and over again, simply go to the “File” button in the middle of the Variables Tab and select the last option, Export .RPTX file.  Allocate will prompt you to decide if you want a Comparison, Summary or Rank report.  Select one option and then it will ask you to name your report to be saved alongside all the other demographic reports inside of Allocate.

The next time you open Allocate to run these variables, simply choose a new geography and then under the Output tab, select your new report from the Report Template File drop down menu and click Finish to run the report.



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