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ENVISION5 US 'Self-Service' Basic Training Outline

Training Material 

Approx. Time Required Trade Area Analysis

Customer Analysis

ENVISION5 User Interface Video 10 minutes    
My Account Video 4 minutes    
Create and Activate a Workspace 15 minutes X X
Importing Customer Files - Data Prep 10 minutes    
Importing Locations with Coordinates 15 minutes* X  
Importing Locations with Addresses 15 minutes* X  
Importing Customers along with How to Read Geocode Results 20 minutes*   X
Export a List of Customers with Lat, Long & Segmentation 10 minutes   X
Create an Area Based on Standard Geography, Using a List 20 minutes X X
Executive Trade Area Report 10 minutes X  
Run a Ranking Areas Customer Report 10 minutes   X
Dashboard Downloading and Printing 15 minutes X X
Mapping Toolbar 30 minutes X X
View Customers on a Map     X
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