ENVISION Training Session Definitions

Customer Analysis Keystroke Session

  • Who are my customers?
  • Where are they coming from?
  • Who are my potential customers?
  • Select target segments, group them into Target Groups and learn how to describe, reach and communicate to them

Attend this session if you have customer files and want to describe your customers through the lens of Segmentation. Or, if you don’t have customer files and wish to use survey variables as proxies for determining your target audience.

In this session, you will have practice importing a list of sample customers, create Segmentation Profiles of customers and survey variables and produce a Ranking report to determine where your customers are coming from. 

Using the Segmentation Profiles you will build Target Groups of the target Segments. You will then personify/image the Target Groups using a variety of data such as demographics, lifestyle behaviours, Social Values, and financial behaviours. 

Lastly, you will create a microsite to share your analysis with internal or external stakeholders.


Trade Area Analysis  Keystroke Session

  • How do I describe my area of study?
  • How does this area compare to other areas?
  • Analyze the demographic, financial, psychographic, media/behaviour/lifestyle variables in a custom trade area or standard level of geography.

Attend this session if you do site or trade area analysis and if you have locations.

In this session you will learn the many ways to create custom trade areas, standard geographic areas and import areas created in other mapping software.  In addition, you will import sample locations and create batch trade areas.

Using the created trade areas, you will produce reports to understand the demographics, financial behavior, segmentation and lifestyle behaviors of the trade areas.

Lastly, you will create a microsite to share your analysis with internal or external stakeholders.


Advanced Mapping Training Session

Watch how you can create a map that’s worth a 1,000 words

Super Tool Tips Session in ENVISION with the Environics pros 

  • Master Mapping Variables, Customers, Segments and Trade Areas
  • Save time and steps in your Mapping workflow with Advanced Options 
  • Tame the Thematic Layer by editing methods, ranges, colors 
  • Use the features of the Mapping Toolbar to personalize Data Points 
  • Add Annotations to your maps
  • Upload your own logo as location symbols 



Deep Dive Session

These sessions are one-hour WebEx sessions to supplement our general training sessions to provide an in-depth look at some of the more detailed functions of Environics Analytics’ software. Invitations are sent via email, one week prior to the session. Registration is done through a WebEx link. Deep Dive sessions are sometimes geared more to one side of the border than the other and are specific to an EA software (ie. ENVISION, SPOTLIGHT, iXPRESS).  You will receive an invitation if the topic is relevant to your license and the Country in which you do business.


New Location Tools Session 

The New Location Tools session will present new functionalities in ENVISION.  Learn how to upload location files and manage locations by using filtering and querying options.  We will also showcase the QuickStats and Dashboard reporting options to create meaningful and insightful reports from a map.

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