ClickScapes Update - January 2023

We’re pleased to announce the release of three new ClickScapes data extract tools in ENVISION. These new tools allow you to aggregate ClickScapes data across weeks and months for any number of ClickScapes variable categories to create summary variable rankings so you can analyze website and app usage for your trade areas, customers, or target groups.

ClickScapes Data Extract Tools

  • Select entire categories of variables to rank websites for your markets
  • Use the “visit days” metric to aggregate across chosen time periods
  • Works with website, app, company, and interest category variables
  • Report output as downloadable Excel files
  • Available for Trade Areas, Customers, and Target Groups in 2022 ENVISION workspaces

Note: Due to the large data queries required to run these tools, report completion times will typically be longer than other standard ENVISION reports and are influenced by the number of variables selected.

See our ENVISION Tutorial for more information on using the new ClickScapes Data Extract Tools or use WalkMe Through in ENVISION. 


If you’d like more information about this update, please contact your Environics Analytics representative, complete our online form or email our Support team at

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