Opticks Digital Powered by Vividata

Opticks Digital Powered by Vividata provides rich profile data on users of over 1,100 apps and websites. The data are modeled from Vividata’s opt-in mobile panel and their Study of Canadian Consumers (SCC). This powerful combination of granular online activity with broad profiling is available annually and will drive greater insights into marketing messaging, media planning and execution, and online shopping behaviour.

Opticks Digital captures digital behaviour using privacy-compliant, opted-in, metering technology embedded in the mobile devices of a digital panel of Canadians aged 18+. Opticks Digital provides estimates down to the postal code level across 825 websites and 292 apps. For each website or app, it provides five measures based on a modelled 28-day cycle. The measures include unique visitors, visit days, minutes, average visit days per visitors, and average minutes per visit day. 

The Opticks DigitalPlus database extends the insights of the Opticks Digital websites and apps by linking them to Vividata’s SCC behaviours. There are over 30 categories of behaviours across advertising, media, online shopping, and psychographic themes. Within ENVISION, you can select an Opticks Digital website or app and profile them against over 500 SCC behaviours, either in total or within a trade area. You can then dive deeper into one of the variables to understand which PRIZM® segments are likely to show that behaviour.

The Opticks Digital database is available in most ENVISION tools. The Opticks DigitalPlus database is available in ENVISION under the following tools:

  • Mapping - Variable
  • Ranking Variables – Trade Area
  • Ranking Variables – Customers
  • Ranking Variables – Target Group
  • Ranking Areas – Variable
  • Consumption Profile – Variable

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