MobileScapes Update - February 2023

We're pleased to announce the release of several enhancements to our MobileScapes Data Extract Tool and the MobileScapes Data Extract Summary Report Tool, both for Canadian workspaces. Details are listed below.

MobileScapes Data Extract Tool Enhancements

We've introduced new fields to break down Unique Visitors, Workers, and Residents within geofences. Please take a look at our How-to-Read documentation for more information.

MobileScapes Data Extract Summary Report Tool Enhancements

Summary Reports now allow custom colours and logos to align with your organization's branding. If you want more information on using the Summary Report Tool, please click here. To learn how to configure branding in ENVISION, you can click here.


If you'd like more information about this update, please contact your Environics Analytics representative, complete our online form, or email our Support team at

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