ENVISION Tools and Functionality Update - April 2023

We're pleased to announce the release of a new tool and new functionality in ENVISION.

New Quantify & Locate Tool

Quantify & Locate is a versatile tool that enables businesses to identify the location of their customers and compare them with others in the market or territory. With the ability to use target groups and customers side by side, businesses can easily identify areas with high concentrations of customers within a specific target group.

The following materials will help you use these new tools:

New Customer Report Batching Feature

Customer Report Batching is an option that allows users to save time and effort by generating separate reports for each customer segment based on selected categorical or text fields. The feature is an additional option to the existing customer input, used mainly in standard reports, and is available for all customer file types.

Use cases for this feature include analyzing customer purchase behaviour by segment, segmenting them by member class status, or specific variables such as age group, income brackets, locations, etc.

The following article will help you use this new functionality: