ENVISION Functionality Update - June 2023

We're pleased to announce the release of new functionality in ENVISION.

Ranking Areas - Customers Tool 

You can now select multiple or all geographies for a given customer list within the Ranking Areas - Customers tool. By including multiple geographies, you can comprehensively analyze customer distribution across different regions and consolidate your data analysis efforts within a single report. Learn more about using the Ranking Areas - Customers Tool.

Ranking Variables - Variable Tool

The Ranking Variables - Variable tool and Variable Executive Dashboards now allow you to leverage multiple weighted variables for ranking, saving time. By incorporating multiple weighted criteria, you can accurately assess the importance of each variable within the trade area. Learn more about the Ranking Variables - Variable tool.

Batch Download Reports

You can now download multiple reports at once from the Results page. Read our Downloading Report Dashboards Tutorial for more information.

Import Target Sets

Users can now import custom target sets into ENVISION. Our new Tutorial Importing Target Sets will teach you how to use this new functionality.

French Language Toggle (CA)

Executive Reporting in Canadian Workspaces in ENVISION now features a French language toggle at the top of the page for those who prefer to report on analyses in French.


Executive Reporting Builder - Static "Next" Button

In another effort to improve your experience with ENVISION, we've changed the Next button in the Executive Reporting Builder to appear static on the page. You can click it whenever you're done in the Builder, without having to scroll to the bottom.

Static next button

Questions or Comments?

If you'd like more information about these updates, please contact your Environics Analytics representative or email our Support team at support@environicsanalytics.com.

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