Homescan® Profiles Update - August 2023

We're happy to announce an update to our Homescan® Profiles suite of products.

Get results fast by using the new suite of Homescan® Profiles tools that give you buyer and dollar metrics with a single click. Each product or category line in Homescan® Profiles contains a variable for buyer and dollar, which were previously selected separately in ENVISION. With this update, buyer and dollar metrics will be combined onto single dashboards, streamlining workflows.

This change can be seen in our existing Profile - Homescan® tool and in four new custom tools: Homescan® Ranking Variables - Trade Area, Homescan® Ranking Variables - Customer, Homescan® Ranking Variables - Target Group, and Homescan® Ranking Areas - Variable. These tools will be available for all clients who license Homescan® Profiles or Custom Product Lines. 

You can find the tools in all Workspace vintages, with new data available in a 2023 Workspace. See Creating and Activating a New Workspace opens in new window for assistance.

Questions or Comments?

If you'd like more information about these updates, please contact your Environics Analytics representative or email our Support team at opens in new window.