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How to Read Ranking Areas-Variable Report With Percent Change Variable


Ranking Areas-Variable reports are pretty much straightforward to interpret unless a percent change variable is used. Same applies to average variables. We strongly encourage you to use the DATA EXPORT tool to get numbers for percent change and average variables to avoid interpretation errors.  

If you run % change or average variable in Ranking Areas-Variable report, the correct column to look at is % Pen. 


% Pen – This is the key field to focus on when running this report using any relative variable (i.e. average or percent variables). For example, this is the column where you will find the “Percent Household Count Change: 2017 – 2022” for each component geography. 

The interpretation of other columns is rather complex when using relative variables. You can request the 'How to Read' document to be sent to you individually by your account manager or support team. 

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