iXPRESS - How do I create a default map set?


In iXPRESS, you have the ability to create a default Map Set that will generate upon startup and open when building new projects. Map Sets are similar to MapInfo “Workspaces” but with additional iXPRESS settings.


To begin, display the iXPRESS Tasks Pane on the left.


Select the iXPRESS Tasks drop-down and change to Project Setup.


2018-03-19_10-48-25.jpg 2018-03-19_10-50-06.jpg



Click Open Additional Map Layers to add content to the map.





The Open additional map layers dialog allows you to open map files from:

  • Individual layers (MapInfo “tab” files)
  • MapInfo workspaces
  • Other iXPRESS map sets

Adjust the map by using the MapInfo Navigation controls to set the map window to the content, appearance, and location of your area of interest.



When you have finished setting up the maps and databases, click Save Map and Data Setup for future projects.





Type a Description for the Map Set.  This will appear in the list of installed map sets in the Project Setup task pane.




Check the box to Display this Map Set at the start of the next new project.

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