iXPRESS - How do I save my study areas for easy future access?

The Study Area Manager lets you review all the study areas defined in the current project. You can also save study area definitions to a "repository" so that you can share them with other users.

Click on the Study Areas tab located on the right-hand side of iXPRESS. Once opened, the Study Area manager may be docked in location by clicking on the pushpin button in the fly-out pane.


The Study Area Manager pane provides icons for you to manage your study areas:

  • Save Study Area for future re-use
  • Create a New Study Area
  • Duplicate the Selected Study Area
  • Delete the Selected Study Area
  • Delete all currently open Study Areas
  • Use the Current Map Extents with the selected study area
  • Show Information on the Selected Study Area

The Study Area Information dialog summarizes the criteria used to create the current study area.




To open a previously saved area, in the Saved Study Areas pane, navigate to the folder where the desired saved study area is stored.

Highlight the study area you would like to restore and click the Open Study Area button.


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