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Environics Analytics 2018 Canadian Data Release

We are pleased to announce our data release schedule for 2018, starting with the launch of our 2016 CensusPlus product. An important demographic product in our catalogue, CensusPlus not only fills in missing values and eliminates random rounding in Census data, it provides the foundation for our core Canadian data products.

With this product update we will be migrating to the geographic framework used for the 2016 Census. This significant adjustment is required to reflect actual changes on the ground to ensure you are working with the best estimates available. All of our Canadian product updates will reflect the new geography.

Our main objective this year is to leverage the new CensusPlus for all of our 2018 data products, providing our clients with the best possible estimates, projections and enhancements.

It is important to note that our portfolio of 2018 products will follow the March release of CensusPlus with a series of staged releases in April, May, June and September. As with previous updates, we will be providing Release Notes for each data product detailing any changes to the number and categories of its variables, as well as practical applications of the data.

March 29th, 2018 Data Release includes:

Geographic      2016 Geography

Demographic   CensusPlus 2016


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