Mapping Spectra Trade Area Boundaries

If you license Spectra you are able to use ENVISION to show the probabilistic trade areas for store locations that are included in your license. You can also show a thematic map of the likelihood of the people living within that trade area to shop at a specific store location.


1. In the side panel, click Mapping > Trade Areas > Boundaries.


2. In Step 1 - Select an Area of Interest, click Select to choose your desired area. 


3. Change the toggle switch from User Areas to System Areas


4. In the Select a data source list, choose Spectra - Core.

5. In the Select a trade area level list, choose Stores.

6. Expand the Stores list to find the one you wish to use.

Tip: You can also use the Search box to assist in finding the store.

7. Select the appropriate store by clicking the check box next to it.


8. Click Continue. The trade area boundary and store location will show on the map.

9. In Step 2 - Advanced Options, show the probabilities by selecting Show Probabilities. These are the probabilities that the people living in the trade area will actually shop at the chosen store. The section expands to show your color/colour and outline options.

10. Make any adjustments to your map in this pane, once complete, click Create Map


11. You may also choose to add overlay layers and labels.

12. In Step 3 - Printing Option, you can specify how you would like to output your map.

13. Choose an option from the Layout list and click Print Map. The map will be available in your Results list.   

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