iXPRESS - How do I print a project report?

The Project Report feature allows you to print all the current components of the project in a single operation, avoiding the necessity of printing the maps and reports separately. Create an EA iXPRESS project that contains a selection of profiles, target lists, and maps.

1. Click Print in the toolbar to display the Print Project Report dialog box.


2. Click the check boxes on the left to include the required components:

  • Table of Contents
  • Maps
  • Profile Reports
  • Target Reports (if present)

3. Enter the text that will appear in the three heading lines of each report page.

4. Click the Page Layout button to display the Layout Options dialog and select required fonts and graphical elements.


5. Select the maps to include in the report from the Maps tab.

6. Select the Study Areas and the Categories to be included from the Profile Reports tab.

7. Select the Study Areas for which target lists will be included in the report.

8. Click Print.

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