iXPRESS - What kinds of custom data can be imported?

EA iXPRESS provides three methods for importing user-supplied data:

  • Geocoded Point Data (data records representing individual locations specified by latitude/longitude coordinates or by street address) can be imported to create a “point” database, preserving data for the individual records.
  • Geocoded Point Data can be imported to create a labeled map layer.
  • Data records characterized by standard codes that match those in a EA iXPRESS database (for example ZIP codes or block group FIPS codes)can be appended to the corresponding EA iXPRESS records to create an “extended” database.

These methods can be combined to use the strengths of each method simultaneously. For
example, point data can be attached to an EA iXPRESS database as a new “point” target type and simultaneously append summarized data to each target record in the EA iXPRESS data.

Data can be imported into EA iXPRESS from files in Excel, dBase or Access format. In a typical database, each record will represent a single geographical location, represented by latitude/longitude coordinates or by street address.

Typical examples are:

  • Address lists of clients or contacts.
  • Lists of business locations (bank branches, physicians’ offices, etc.).
  • Geographically indexed demographic data, such as Census data, for Canada, the United States or other countries.
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