Allocate in Alteryx - Data and License Installation Manual

Downloading the Allocate Data Package

There are three components to the Allocate data package:

  1. Database files
  2. Base files
  3. Allocate license files (provided to some users)

These components need to be downloaded by following the instructions below.

  1. Navigate to, and log into, the SFTP.
  2. Download each database file by navigating to fromEA/1. Licensed Data and clicking on each file with the suffix of _Allocate. For example,

  3. Download the Base files by navigating to the ‘3. Other’ folder
  4. If required, the Allocate license files are also found within the 3. Other’ folder

Extracting the Files

It is essential that you choose to extract the files to a folder as shown below:



Your directory should have separate folders for base files and individual data installation files after you have extracted them in a local directory.

An example of a correct extraction is shown below:



Installing the Base Files

We recommend that the base files be installed before the licensed datasets.       

After unzipping the base files as instructed in the ‘Extracting the files’ section above, navigate to the CAN_20##_Base folder and double-click on the ‘DataInstall.exe’ file to install the base files. Proceed through the subsequent pages to complete the installation.



If you require more guidance on installation, click here.


Installing the Database Files

Navigate to the licensed data folders to install the data files and double-click on the ‘DataInstall.exe’ file to install the data. If you license multiple datasets, you need to run ‘DataInstall.exe’ for all licensed datasets. For example, if you license DemoStats, DaytimePop, and SocialValues databases in Allocate, you will repeat the process three times. Proceed through the subsequent pages to complete the installation.


If you require more guidance on installation, click here.

If you do not receive a license key, you can proceed to work with the data. If you received a license key, please proceed to the last step of installing the license key. 

Installing the Allocate License Files

  1. Navigate to the Allocate License files 20XX folder and install each license file by double-clicking on the .srclc files. If you license multiple products, multiple licenses will have to be applied.
  2. Click Ok
  3. You will be prompted to authenticate your licenses and click Install


Once you have successfully installed the license file, the following pop-up message will appear:



Troubleshooting and Additional Information

Additional Guidance on Installation

  1. After clicking the DataInstall.exe,’ the Welcome Screen will pop up. Click Next
  2. After reading the license agreement, select the check-box, and click Next.
  3. Select the dataset that you would like to install. Once you have made your selection, click Next

    Note: If you have previously installed Allocate data, you will then be navigated to the Uninstall screen, displaying the datasets already installed on the machine. These datasets can be uninstalled by selecting the check-box next to the dataset.

  4. Select a Location to install the data.
  • Install to a Local Directory – the typical setup installs the data and common components on the default directory. 
  • Prepare a Network Install – typically used when more than one user is accessing the data or for additional storage requirements.
    • You will be prompted to browse to the directory on the Network where you want the data installed; you need write access to that Network location.
    • Once the data has been installed on the Network, browse to that location and run the Data Install executable (DataInstall.exe) on the Local machine. Choose the Register from a Network Location option to complete the installation on each Local machine requiring access.

Once you have made your location selection, click Finish. The data will now begin installing.



The specified data set was not found in the registry

If you have installed the individual databases (e.g., DaytimePop_20##_Allocate ) before the base files and open Allocate, you will receive this message:


This means that you need to install the Base files from Base Folder (e.g., CAN_20##_Postal_Base). 

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