SPOTLIGHT - How do I create standard geography trade areas?

When working in SPOTLIGHT, it is very common to create multiple individual standard geographies for your analysis.

For example, you may want to compare three different counties or ZIP codes to each other. This is easily accomplished, however, due to one minor oversight you can produce the wrong results.

When creating a new area and saving it, you will be taken to the Select Existing Areas page. In this page your newly created area is automatically selected. In order to create an additional area, you would then click the Create New Areas button.

This will take you back to the screen where you will select your geographies.

With other trade area types, you would select your new area, save it and move on to creating the report. However, when creating additional standard geographies, the previous one you created will still be selected. Thus, if you select a new area and save it, you will have actually aggregated both areas together, producing a larger trade area than you originally wanted.

In order to prevent this from happening, press on the red "x" found in the top left-hand corner of the map area as seen below.

Once you have done that, the area you previously created will no longer be selected and you can continue making additional individual standard geography trade areas.

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