SPOTLIGHT - Why did the polygon I create disappear?

Polygons are an excellent way to create custom trade areas in SPOTLIGHT, whether you want to follow certain roads, natural boundaries, or even duplicate specific maps. It may therefore be a little unsettling when the polygon you are trying to create keeps disappearing before you can save it.

When creating polygons in SPOTLIGHT, you are supposed to double click on a point in order to complete it. After you have done this, your polygon should be a translucent orange color as seen in the example below:

From here you can name your polygon and save the area. However, sometimes you might be trying to complete the polygon and instead of looking like the above screenshot, it will just disappear.

If so, try recreating the polygon one more time to see if it will show up. If it seems like no matter what you do the polygon keeps disappearing, don't worry too much, name your area and save it anyways.

When you've created the report, click the report name in the results section. This will take you to a preview of your report that you can download.

Click the arrow button on the left, this will open a panel that shows the contents of your report. In this panel, click Map, which will show a visual representation of your trade area. Even though your polygon "disappeared" after creating it, you should be able to see it in this view, and the stats of your report will represent the area.

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