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Environics Analytics' Canadian Data Release-AccultuRates, AgeByIncome, CommunityHealth, PRIZM5 QC, DELTA5

We’re pleased to announce that in the coming days we will be releasing five updates to our suite of Canadian data products. The products will be available in ENVISION5 starting on May 31 and will be delivered via SFTP accounts in mid-June.

Please note, all of the products captured in this update will be migrating to the geographic framework used for the 2016 Census. This significant adjustment is required to reflect actual changes on the ground to ensure you are working with the best estimates available.

We will be providing a release note for each data product detailing any changes in the number and categories of its variables.

If you receive data through an SFTP account, you will receive an email to notify you once the data has been posted to your SFTP site in mid-June. To access the new data, please log into your SFTP site ( and download the data from the following folder: fromEA > 1. Licensed Data.

If you have any problems initiating your transfer, please contact our support desk or consult our troubleshooting guide in our Community site.

If you’d like more information about this update, please contact your Environics Analytics representative, email our support team at or reach us through our community page at

Thank you for your continued support,

Product Management
Environics Analytics

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