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ENVISION5 Deep Dive: Importing Summarized Data and Excel Templates

Deep Dive Recording Link: Summarized Data and Excel Templates

Have you ever wanted to view data in a different format? Would you like to quickly create reports that highlight data that are most important to your audience? ENVISION5 now allows you to export data into custom Excel templates to allow to customize your reports any way you like. Our next Deep Dive session will show you how easy it is to pull data from ENVISION5 into a custom Excel template to create new dynamic reports.

This session will also show you a new feature that will allow you to import data that has been summarized at any level of census and postal geography. This feature will allow users to import any data that has been tagged with standard geography. This could include third party datasets, customer information and more. Once data is imported users will be able to take advantage of advanced mapping, dash boarding and reporting features that are resident in the platform.

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