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iXPRESS Deep Dive - Importing Custom Geographies

Deep Dive Recording: Importing Custom Geographies

Standard geographies are a great place to start your analysis, but they may not always meet your needs. With iXPRESS you can import custom geographies, allowing you to tailor your analysis to account for everything from sales territories to carrier routes and more. During this one-hour presentation, we will show you how to import your custom areas from a variety of formats such as MapInfo TAB files and Esri Shape files. We will demonstrate how iXPRESS' unique mapping interface will allow you to analyze, visualize and interpret data within your custom areas to spot patterns and understand the relationships and trends within your customer base. We will also demonstrate how you can take advantage of the multiple map layers integrated into the platform to give your maps a wide variety of elements for site analysis and thematic mapping.

Combining data licensed through iXPRESS with your custom areas will help you get a deeper understanding of your data and make meaningful connections. In the end, this will help provide stakeholders with visual representation of data trends and spatial relationships that will help you make more informed business decisions.

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