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Easy Access Table-QuickStarts


QuickStarts Sorted by Functional Category


Account Basics-QuickStarts Create Trade Area-Quickstarts

Create and Activate a Workspace (US)

Change the Primary Color and Logo (US)

Create a Microsite (US)

Share Assets (US)

Download and Print a Report Dashboard (US)


Create a Trade Area Based on Standard Geography Using a Geography List (US)

Import Trade Areas as a List of Geographic Codes (US)

Import Trade Areas from a Spatial File of Existing Polygons (US)




Import Data-QuickStarts Run Reports-QuickStarts


Import Customer or Location Files-Data Preparation (US)

Import Customer Files (US)

Import Customer Data Summarized by Standard Geography (US)

Import Locations Using Address Information (US)

Import Locations Using Coordinates (US)

Import Trade Areas as a List of Geographic Codes (US)

Import Trade Areas From a Spatial File of Existing Polygons (US)


Work with the MobileScapes Data Extract Tool (US)

Using the Data Export Tool (US)

Using Excel Templates (US)

Running Ranking Areas Customer Report (US)

Running a Customer Distance Decay Report (US)

Creating an Executive Trade Area Report (US)

Create Filters-QuickStarts Custom Variables-QuickStarts


Create and Edit Customer Filters

Use Location Lists to Create Filters (US)


 Create and Edit Custom and Favorite Variables (US)
Mapping-QuickStarts Export Data-QuickStarts 

Categorical Mapping Of Imported Summary-Level Data (US)

Categorical Mapping Of Imported Point-Level Data (US)

The Mapping Toolbar (US)

Create a Thematic Map of Trade Areas (US)

View Your Customers on the Map  (US)

Map Segments and Target Groups (US)


Export ZIP+4-Target Group (US)

Export ZIP+4-Customers (US)

Export ZIP+4 Codes-Trade Area (US)

Export a List of Customers with Lat, Long, and Segmentation Code (US)

Export Spatial (Polygon)/Map File (US)


Target Sets-QuickStarts 


Create Target Sets (US)

Create a Location Using a Map (US)


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