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Easy Access Table-QuickStarts


QuickStarts Sorted by Functional Category


Account Basics-QuickStarts Create Trade Area-Quickstarts

Create and Activate a Workspace (US)

Change the Primary Color and Logo (US)

Create a Microsite (US)

Share Assets (US)

Download and Print a Report Dashboard (US)

Download and Print to a PDF (US)


Create a Trade Area Based on Standard Geography Using a Geography List (US)

Import Trade Areas as a List of Geographic Codes (US)

Import Trade Areas from a Spatial File of Existing Polygons (US)




Import Data-QuickStarts Run Reports-QuickStarts


Import Customer or Location Files-Data Preparation (US)

Import Customer Files (US)

Import Customer Data Summarized by Standard Geography (US)

Import Locations Using Address Information (US)

Import Locations Using Coordinates (US)

Import Trade Areas as a List of Geographic Codes (US)

Import Trade Areas From a Spatial File of Existing Polygons (US)


Working with Mobility Data Extract Tool (US)

Using the Data Export Tool (US)

Using Excel Templates (US)

Running Ranking Areas Customer Report (US)

Running a Customer Distance Decay Report (US)

Creating an Executive Trade Area Report (US)

Create Filters-QuickStarts Custom Variables-QuickStarts


Create and Edit Customer Filters

Use Location Lists to Create Filters (US)


 Create and Edit Custom and Favorite Variables (US)
Mapping-QuickStarts Export Data-QuickStarts 

Categorical Mapping Of Imported Summary-Level Data (US)

Categorical Mapping Of Imported Point-Level Data (US)

The Mapping Toolbar (US)

Create a Thematic Map of Trade Areas (US)

View Your Customers on the Map  (US)

Map Segments and Target Groups (US)


Export ZIP+4-Target Group (US)

Export ZIP+4-Customers (US)

Export ZIP+4 Codes-Trade Area (US)

Export a List of Customers with Lat, Long, and Segmentation Code (US)

Export Spatial (Polygon)/Map File (US)


Target Sets-QuickStarts 


Create Target Sets (US)

Create a Location Using a Map (US)


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