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Easy Access Table-How to Read Reports

'How to Read' Documents Sorted by Functional Category


Ranking Reports-'How to Read' Special Function Reports-'How to Read'


Ranking Variables-Trade Area Report (US)

Ranking Variables-Target Group Report (US)

Ranking Variables-Variable Report (US)

Ranking Areas-Variables Report (US)

Ranking Areas-Customers Report (US)

Distance Decay Report (US)

Consumption Profile-Customers Report (US)

Correlations-Variable vs.Variable Report (US)

Geocode GeoStats Table (US)

Segmentation Reports-'How to Read' Prepackaged Reports-'How to Read'

Segmentation Profile Bar Chart-Variable Report (US)

Segmentation Profile Bar Chart-Customers Report (US)

Segmentation Profile Bar Chart-Trade Area Report (US)

Consumption Profile-Customers Report (US)


Highlights-PopFacts-Trade Area Report (US)

Insurance CLOUT Report (US)

Financial CLOUT Report (US)

Consumer Buying Power Report-2017 Release (US)

Consumer Buying Power Report-2018 Release (US)

Retail Market Power Report-2017 Release (US)

Retail Market Power Report - 2018 Release (US)

Executive Trade Area Reports-'How to Read' Executive Target Group Reports-'How to Read'


Top Segments-Executive Trade Area Report (US)

Senior Life-Executive Trade Area Report (US)

CBP-Executive Trade Area Report (US)

Employment & Occupation-Executive Trade Area Report (US)

Affluence & Education-Executive Trade Area Report (US)

Housing & Household-Executive Trade Area Report (US)

Population & Race-Executive Trade Area Report (US)




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