Retail Interaction Report

Retail Interaction Reports

The Retail Interaction report quantifies the options available for shoppers to choose between multiple retailers.  The trade area for the focus stores overlap with their competitive stores, the options available to the shoppers in that overlapping trade area is modeled.  This allows for the identification of key areas of competitive pressure for a retailer and rank the dollars at risk.  Stores, banners and accounts can be grouped as focus and competitive stores to understand the larger dollars at risk.  This output does not determine where shoppers decide to go, only the options available.  Dollars in this report are indicative of the competitive pressure, the relative share (index, percent) is more important than the specific dollar value.

 Situations & Applications

  • Which store faces the most competitive pressure?
  • Who are the competitors around my store? Which are the largest threats that I should develop a competitive strategy for?
  • Which banner is my largest threat?
  • Which of my stores are impacted by a specific competitor?
  • Is there cannibalization within my organization?

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