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SPOTLIGHT Report Update

Environics Analytics will be updating select SPOTLIGHT reports on April 12 with 2019 Q1 data from our BusinessProfiles, EmploymentProfiles and TrafficCounts databases. These robust reports are designed to help you make better site location decisions through easy-to-use tools and mapping. This release will include updates to the following reports:

  • BusinessProfiles Major Sectors
  • BusinessProfiles Construction and Manufacturing Sectors
  • BusinessProfiles Retail Sector
  • BusinessProfiles Healthcare Sector
  • BusinessProfiles Services Sectors
  • EmploymentProfiles by NAICS Codes
  • TrafficCounts Locations 


To accommodate this update, SPOTLIGHT will be offline on April 11 between 9:00 PM ET and 11:59 PM ET.



Accessing New Reports in SPOTLIGHT


These new reports will be available in the 2019 vintage on the Select Reports page. The 2018 vintage reports will continue to be available for you to access.





If you’d like more information about this update, please contact your our support team at or reach us through our community page at

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