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US Data Update Announcement

We have released updated databases from our financial, behavioral, psychographic, location and business categories. This update includes the following data products:


SocialValues 2019 (PRIZM® Premier)

Businesses – 2019 Q1

BusinessProfiles – 2019 Q1

EmploymentProfiles – 2019 Q1

ATM Locations – 2019 Q1

ShoppingCenters – 2019 Q1

TrafficCounts – 2019 Q1

Claritas Income Producing Assets Profiles 2019 (PRIZM® Premier, P$YCLE®, P$YCLE® Premier)

Claritas Net Worth Profiles 2019 (PRIZM® Premier, P$YCLE®, P$YCLE® Premier)

Claritas Technology Behavior Track Profiles 2018 (PRIZM® Premier, ConneXions®)

Claritas Energy Behavior Track Profiles 2018 (PRIZM® Premier)

Claritas Consumer Profiles 2018 (P$YCLE® Premier)

Claritas Household Demographic Profiles 2018 (P$YCLE® Premier)

Claritas Financial Product Profiles 2018 (P$YCLE® Premier)

Claritas Insurance Product Profiles 2019 (P$YCLE® Premier)

Claritas Neighborhood Demographic Profiles 2019 (P$YCLE® Premier) - Available via data file fulfillment only


Accessing New Data in ENVISION


If you haven't done so already, to access the updated data in ENVISION, please create and activate a 2019 workspace. While you will continue to have access to your previous workspaces, you will only be able to access the updated data through 2019 workspaces. To learn how to create a new workspace, please log-in to ENVISION and follow this Walk-Through tutorial. Release notes and variables lists are available on the Environics Analytics website.



Accessing New Data Through the SFTP


If you receive these dabases outside ENVISION, the standard data are now available in your SFTP account. Custom data orders will take longer. You will receive an email notification once those data files are ready for download. Release notes, variables lists and other supporting documentation are included with your data delivery.





If you’d like more information about this update, please contact your Environics Analytics representative, email our support team at or reach us through our community page at

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