Use the MobileScapes Data Extract Tool

As of May 2019, the Mobility Data Extract tool was renamed the MobileScapes Data Extract tool.

Within ENVISION, the Mobility Data Extract tool provides you with a way to create a list of mobile devices that have been within a certain area, during a given time frame. This is anonymized, permission-based data collected from location-enabled mobile devices. The location of this device can be tracked at a specific time and location, but cannot be tied back to a specific individual. 

You specify an area of interest, called a geofence, and a time period, to return all the mobile devices that were present in that location and time. The range can be as narrow as a specific date and time, or begin as far back as January 2016, to as recent as a week prior to the current date.

Once you have generated a list, you can use it as a list of customers in ENVISION and run any customer reports and analyses as you would any other customer file.

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