Share Assets

Within ENVISION you can share assets with other users within a workgroup. You can also share assets across multiple workspaces, under a single username. If your organization has more than one license of ENVISION, a workgroup will automatically be created that includes all of the users. (In ENVISION, each license, or user, will have their own unique username.)

Sharable Assets:

  • Standard Areas
  • Custom Areas 
  • Variables
  • Locations
  • Customers
  • Filters
  • Target Sets

This guide will focus on the following:

  • Sharing assets within a workgroup
    • Sharing multiple assets
    • Sharing a single asset
    • Unsharing assets
  • Sharing assets across multiple workspaces

Sharing Assets Within a Workgroup
There are two ways to share an asset in ENVISION. You can share several at once or you can share one at a time. (This can be done with all assets).

Sharing Multiple Assets
1. Select the assets you wish to share by clicking the check mark next to it.


2. Select the gear icon mceclip1.png at the top of the page.

3. Click Share.

4. Select the group(s) you wish to share the asset(s) with by clicking the check mark next to the group.


5. Click Share. The assets are now shared with all the users in the workgroup.

Sharing a Single Asset
1. For the asset you wish to share, click the gear icon in the far right column.


2. Click Share.

3. Select the group(s) you wish to share the asset with by clicking the check mark next to the group.

4. Click Share.

Unshare Assets
1. Click the gear icon mceclip16.png   to the far right of the asset(s) you wish to unshare

2. Click Share.

3. The group you previously shared that asset with should be selected. Unselect it by clicking on the check mark.

4. Click Share.

 Sharing Assets Across Multiple Workspaces
You can also make an asset available across all the workspaces created under a single username.  This can often be done as you are initially creating or importing the asset.  When you see an option called Available in all Workspaces, you can turn it on so that it looks like the screenshot below:


This will automatically share that asset in all your workspaces. However, if you miss this option, or have already created the asset, there is another way to do so.

1. Select the asset as above, either multiples or individually.

2. Click the gear icon mceclip15.png and choose Make Global. This will make the asset available in all the workspaces associated with your username.

To remove the asset from other workspaces, you can repeat the process outlined above but choose the Make Local option. In order to do this, you must be in the workspace in which the asset was originally created.

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