Customizing Thematic Map Range Labels

Thematic map range labels can be customized when mapping variables or customers. For example, if you have thematically shaded areas around your store locations, you can override your legend values using text and symbols.

This functionality is available when producing thematic maps for variables, customers and trade areas. The following example will use variables.


1. In the side panel, click Mapping Trade Areas Variables.


2. In Step 1 – Select an Area of Interest, click Select.


3. Choose area(s) of interest by clicking the checkmark.


4. Click Continue

5. In Step 2 – Select a Variable, click Select to choose a variable.  


6. Select the appropriate variable from the list.mceclip0.png

7. Click Continue.

8. In Step 2 – Select a Variable, choose the appropriate Map and Render Type.

  • Choose either Map Count or Map Index
  • Choose either Graduated Colour Map or Graduated Circle Map


9. Click Create Map. Your map is created using the trade areas as boundaries to constrain the thematic map.


10. In Step 3 – Advanced Options, you can further adjust your map.

  • Type custom labels under Labels
  • Click Create Map

11. The map can be exported in Step 4 – Printing Options.

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