What fields should I use in the long file download of 'HouseholdSpend and FoodSpend Consumption Profile' reports?

The Long file output of HouseholdSpend and FoodSpend Consumption Profile Reports includes Incidence and Incidence % fields that aren’t present in the dashboard.

See images below.

PRIZM Consumption Profile – HouseholdSpend Dashboard



PRIZM Consumption Profile – HouseholdSpend Long File Download



Field name reconciliation:



The Incidence values represent the consumption value of the parent category of the variable. The % Pen and Index fields are calculated using the Incidence and Incidence % fields.  It is our recommendation that if you download the HouseholdSpend and FoodSpend Consumption Profile Reports by Long File, use only the following fields from the download.

  • Base
  • Base %
  • Consumption
  • Consumption %
  • Unit/Base
  • Unit/Base Index

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