What fields should I use in the long file download of a 'Ranking Consumption - Trade Area Report'?

The Long file output of a Ranking Consumption - Trade Area Report includes Incidence and Incidence % fields that aren’t present in the dashboard output.

Note: The example below is showing dollar values as the consumption data but if you were using a non-dollar variable, the 'Consumption Unit' column or 'Aggregate $' column is still total aggregate consumption.

Ranking Consumption - Trade Area Report: Dashboard output:mceclip0.png

Ranking Consumption - Trade Area Report: Long File Download


Field Name Reconciliation

Dashboard   Download
Consumption Unit  -  Aggregate $
Unit/Hhld  -  $/Hhld
% Comp  -  % Incidence
Base Consumption Unit  -  Base Aggregate $
Base Unit/Hhld  -  Base $/Hhld
Base % Comp  -  Base % Incidence
Index Unit/Hhld  -  Index: $/Hhld
Index % Comp  -  Index: $/Incidence

The Incidence values in the Long File Download are the aggregate consumption values of the variable. 

It is our recommendation that if you download the HouseholdSpend and FoodSpend Consumption Profile Reports by Long File, use only the following fields from the download:

  • Aggregate $
  • $/Hhld
  • % Incidence
  • Base Aggregate $
  • Base $/Hhld
  • Base % Incidence
  • Index: $/Hhld
  • Index: $/Incidence
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