Why is my distance decay report output blank?


Distance Decay - Customer (DD) reports requires two inputs to run: a customer file and a location. The key reason why a report may be returned blank or an error created is that ENVISION was looking for a Location Id (this field was assigned in the importing process) and was unable to find this field in both inputs. Please note that the Location Id is NOT mandatory when importing customer or location files or for the running of this report. However, if you do have a Location Id that links your customer and location files, this field must be contained in BOTH files. If one file contains a Location Id and the other does not, ENVISION will be forced to look for the link and the report will not run properly. 

Put simply, the rule is this: When importing customer and location files, only include the Location Id field if ALL files contain this field.



If you are are getting blank reports and not sure whether you assigned a Location Id to your files when importing, you can check this on the properties page for the file.

For Customer files, go to My Data > Customers > click your customer file. The Properties page will open and view the Data Fields section in the bottom right of the page. If you see the name of the Location Id field then it was imported.

For Location files, go to My Data > Locations > click on one of the locations. The Properties page will open and view the Location Id box. If there is a Location Id in the box then it was imported. 


The fix is to ensure that both the customer and location files either have the Location Id fields assigned or not at all. Remember that having a Location Id allows you to batch run Distance Decay reports. Regardless of whether you want to include the Location Id field or not, it is best to delete the files and re-import, or create a new Workspace and import the files again.

If it is your locations that are not assigned Location Id's, you can add it manually in the properties page. However, if you have many locations, it will be easier to simply delete them all and re-import or import in a new Workspace. 

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