Which occupations are classified as white/blue collar and service and farming?

Looking at the Pop-Facts Demographics Snapshot, Employment and Occupation dashboard, did you ever wonder which Occupations fit into which of the 3 classifications?

Est. Employed Civilian Population 16+ by Occupation Classification
-White Collar
-Blue Collar
-Service and Farming

Here's the answer: 

Architecture/Engineering White Collar
Arts/Design/Entertainment/Sports/Media White Collar
Building/Grounds Cleaning/Maintenance Service and Farming
Business/Financial Operations White Collar
Community/Social Services White Collar
Computer/Mathematical White Collar
Construction/Extraction Blue Collar
Education/Training/Library White Collar
Farming/Fishing/Forestry Service and Farming
Food Preparation/Serving Related Service and Farming
Healthcare Practitioner/Technician White Collar
Healthcare Support Service and Farming
Installation/Maintenance/Repair Blue Collar
Legal White Collar
Life/Physical/Social Science White Collar
Management White Collar
Office/Administrative Support White Collar
Personal Care/Service Service and Farming
Production Blue Collar
Protective Services Service and Farming
Sales/Related White Collar
Transportation/Material Moving Blue Collar
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