How do I map postal code centroids?

Within ENVISION mapping, overlaying postal codes points is not an available feature. However, by following the steps below, we can map and label the centroids of postal codes. You have the option to export all the postal codes within a trade area, or postal codes that belong to specific segments by creating a target group.

You will want to use the Export - Postal Codes - Area or Export - Postal Codes - Target Group tools. These tools will export an excel file containing all the postal codes that belong to your trade area (specific to certain segments if you used a target group).

The next step will be to import all these postal codes as a customer file. Please go to Import Data > Customers > Geocode, and make sure the you select the "FSALDU" column for the "Postal Code Field". Once the customer file is finished downloading, please click on the file, which can be found by going to My Data > Customers. This will take you to the details of the file, the next step is to then click Download twice in a row as seen below:


This will export another excel file that should now also have the Latitude and Longitude for each postal code. Next, go to Import Data > Locations > Coordinates. This will take you through a couple of steps to import the most recent file you've exported. You must remember to select the "FSALDU2" column as the "Map Label Field" as this will allow the labels to populate in mapping. Please also select a column for the Map group field, this will have to be a column with the same entry in each cell, as this will become the name of the location list you select in mapping:


In the next step along this process make sure you select the postal code, latitude, and longitude fields:


Once the locations have been downloaded, please go to any of the Mapping options. From here, you can select your trade area, and then go to the table of contents to select Locations. The locations will be labelled with the postal code as you should have selected "FSALDU2" for the "Map Label Field":



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