How do I adjust the customer cluster threshold count?

Customer clustering refers to grouping the customer points together when there is a large number of them to show on the map. The clusters are based on an invisible grid drawn on the map, and the number of customer points that fall within each cell of the grid. Whether or not the customers show as clusters is determined by the combination of the Customer Cluster Threshold Count as well as the Customer Cluster Threshold Zoom. There are 19 zoom levels in ENVISION. The default settings mean that if you zoom out beyond the thirteenth level, and there are more than 5000 customers to be displayed on the map, they will be shown as clusters.


This feature is in place to keep the map neat and tidy when mapping large customer files. We have it set for 5000 customers by default but you can certainly adjust it up and down as needed to get a visually compelling map.

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