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What do the different mapping classifications mean?

Our ENVISION software offers the following mapping classifications:

Equal Count: each class has roughly the same number of records, which equals to the total number of records/number of classes.

Equal Range: each class has an equal range of values; range - (max - min)/number classes. Use this method if your data is evenly distributed and you want to emphasize the difference in values between features.

Natural Break: data values that cluster are placed into a single class. Class breaks occur where there is a gap between clusters. Use this method if your data are unevenly distributed; that is, many features have the same or similar values and there are gaps between groups of values.

Standard Deviation: class breaks are placed above and below mean value at intervals of 1, 0.5, or 0.25 standard deviations until all the data values are included in a class.

Custom: enter your own classification break points.


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