MobileScapes - Glossary

The MobileScapes Glossary provides short definitions for the fields found in the Mobile Data Extract Download in ENVISION including the daypart definitions.

Report Building Terminology

Term Definition
Geofence User defined locations of interest for mobile data extract
MAC ID Media Access Control ID (MAC ID) is a unique identifier code for each handset and is used to establish wifi connectivity
UDID Unique Device ID (UDID) is used for advertising exchange purposes and is not the same as MAC ID
CEL Common Evening Location (CEL) is used to infer estimated device home location
CDL Common Daytime Location (CDL) is used to infer estimated device work location
Visits A unique combination of UDID and date within the target geofence
Weekpart Part of the week when the device was observed within geofence
Daypart Portion of the day when the device is observed


Daypart Windows

Daypart Definition
Early Morning Between 12:00:00am and 5:59:59am
Morning Commute Between 6:00:00am and 8:59:59am
Late Morning Between 9:00:00am and 11:59:59am
Midday Between 12:00:00pm and 2:59:59pm
Evening Commute Between 3:00:00pm and 5:59:59pm
Evening Between 6:00:00pm and 8:59:59pm
Late Evening Between 9:00:00pm and 11:59:59pm
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