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MobileScapes - Glossary

Key Definitions

Note: For Geofence Explorer definitions, refer to: MobileScapes EA Geofence Explorer Field Definitions

Analysis Type: The method that your MobileScapes data extract was built. When selecting multiple Geofences, it is required to select an Analysis Type, it can be either:

  • Aggregate Analysis: Geofences combined into a single polygon. For this option, ENVISION will automatically deduplicate the file so that only unique visitors are identified.
  • Individual Analysis: Separate polygon created for each Geofence. Used to create filters by Geofence name to compare visitors from one Geofence to another.

Common Daytime Location (CDL): Used to infer the device work location; it is assigned to the closest Postal/ZIP Code.

Common Evening Location (CEL): Used to infer the device home location; it is assigned to the closest Postal/ZIP Code.

Date Range: A number of dates that includes a start and finish date (encompassing all dates in between). Only the dates specified in the Date Range will be used in the analysis.

Dayparts: The portion of the day when the mobile device is observed within the Geofence.

Daypart Windows
Early Morning: Between 12:00:00am and 5:59:59am
Morning Commute: Between 6:00:00am and 8:59:59am
Late Morning: Between 9:00:00am and 11:59:59am
Midday: Between 12:00:00pm and 2:59:59pm
Evening Commute: Between 3:00:00pm and 5:59:59pm
Evening: Between 6:00:00pm and 8:59:59pm
Late Evening: Between 9:00:00pm and 11:59:59pm


Extract Method: Records found within the Geofence can be outputted as either:

  • Weighted: Records are weighted to the (Household) Population 15+.
  • Unweighted: Each record represents a single visitor.

Geofence: A virtual geographic boundary or polygon that represents a particular area of interest used for extracting mobile data. Geofences can be hand-drawn on a map or imported as spatial area polygons.

  • EA Geofences: Environics Analytics (EA) has created select Geofences that can be accessed and applied to your analysis via the MobileScapes Data Extract tool. EA has undertaken a large-scale effort to build a vast layer of polygons for Canadian commercial, institutional and recreational locations. The polygons can be used as Geofences for destination-based mobile movement extracts both within ENVISION and for project deliverables.
    Note: EA Geofences can only be applied to ENVISION Canada Workspaces.

Out & About: 

  • ENVISION Canada Workspaces: The Household Population 15+ who left their home—moving more than 500m from their home location.

Time Range: A time period that includes a start and finish date (encompassing all times in between). Only the times specified in the Time Range will be used in the analysis.

(Unique) Visitors: The number of distinct and unique devices that entered the Geofence in the requested time range, regardless of how often they visit. Visitors are represented as an estimated Household Population 15+ weight. They filter out multiple visitors to give a true indication of the unique Household Population 15+ identified within the Geofence over the time period selected. In addition, visitors can be thought of as total foot traffic for the Geofence over the time period selected.

(Daily) Visits: The number of times the device entered the Geofence, regardless of how many visitors make up those visits.

Weekpart: The part of the week when the mobile device was observed within Geofence.

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