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In BusinessProfiles reports in ENVISION, the totals for categories such as NAICS 722 do not match between the Major Sectors report, the Retail Sector report and Services Sector report. Why are they different?

The BusinessProfiles reports are designed to present relevant information to specific industries such as retail or services. One way to achieve that is focus the report on the NAICS codes relevant to that industry.

As an example, run all three reports for San Diego County in California. In the Major Sector report the NAICS 72: Accommodation and Food Services report will show 9,878 businesses. The Retail Sector report will show 8,847 businesses, and the Services Sector report will show 1,031.

  • The Major Sector report presents an overview of the market and presents counts for all businesses in NAICS codes that roll into the parent NAICS 72.
    • This includes NAICS 721 Accommodation and 722 Food Services and Drinking Places
  • The Retail Sector report is focused on retail outlets including NAICS 722 Food Services and Drinking places.
    • Since NAICS 722 is the only row presented under NAICS 72, only the number of businesses in NAICS 722 are shown in the NAICS 72 row
  • The Services Sector report is focused on service providers including NAICS 721 Accommodation and all NAICS that roll into 721
    • The number of businesses displayed in the NAICS 72 row is the sum of the 721 children NAICS codes

The goal is to present a total count of businesses that is relevant to the services or retail industry by including businesses in those sectors and excluding businesses not in those sectors.

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