Why is there a discrepancy between total household counts across net worth ranges and geographies?

All USA profile databases are coefficient based. That means each variable such as Net Worth $500-$749K is calculated by multiplying the number of households in each segment for that area to the corresponding coefficient for each segment.

Use the Ranking Variables – Trade Area report in ENVISION to look at all variables in the Net Worth Profiles database in the USA. Note the total households in the USA in the top row equals 125,018,808. But if you add the Base count column across all 11 ranges the total will equal 125,018,810 households. This small difference is due to rounding the results from the integer calculations and is irrelevant for any reasonable analysis. These small differences can be seen when using any profile database for all segmentation systems.

When using Net Worth Profiles for P$YCLE Premier in ENVISION the total count of households across all Net Worth ranges does not equal the total count of households in the geography. Why is there a difference?

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