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U.S. Data Update Announcement

We'd like to announce the upcoming release of several updated databases. Starting on July 17, you will be able to access the latest vintage of the following databases subject to your license agreement:

Businesses – Q2 2019
BusinessProfiles –  Q2 2019
EmploymentProfiles – Q2 2019
ATM Locations –  Q2 2019
Bank Branch Locations – Q2 2019
TrafficCounts – Q2 2019
CrimeStats – Q4 2018


The Businesses Q2 2019 database features new fields to help with your site location and competitor analysis. The updated database offers new “Place Type,” “Headquarters ID” and “Ancestor Headquarters IDs” fields to make it easier to understand the corporate and franchise structure of any business.

As with previous updates, we will provide release notes, variables lists and variable change lists for each data product.



Please note that in order to accommodate this update, ENVISION will be offline on July 16 between 9:00 PM ET and 11:59 PM ET. 



If you’d like more information about this update, please contact your Environics Analytics representative, email our support team at or reach us through our community page at

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