Consumer Profiles

Claritas Consumer Profiles helps marketers better understand their customers for acquisition and retention programs, media strategy and channel management.  It offers a comprehensive set of more than 5,500 profiles across 30 categories and is designed to help users reach consumers based on lifestyle, media exposure, product usage, consumption and purchasing behaviors-all through the lens of the PRIZM® Premier, P$YCLE® Premier and ConneXions® segmentation systems. Based on consumer behaviors captured nationwide, Consumer Profiles assigns a segmentation code to each respondent, enabling users to analyze the rich consumer behavioral information through the perspective of various segmentation systems.

Below, you will find some additional resources linked for your reference: release notes and variable lists.

Additional Resources:
Claritas Consumer Profiles Release Notes
Claritas Consumer Profiles for PRIZM Premier Variables List
Claritas Consumer Profiles for P$YCLE Variables List (retired)
Claritas Consumer Profiles for ConneXions Variables List
Claritas Consumer Profiles for P$YCLE Premier Variables List

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