Homescan Media

Homescan®Media Profiles provide greater insight into which Canadians are more likely to buy different packaged goods, based on key metrics of consumption, usage and penetration. These profiles are derived from two years of data from Nielsen's Homescan® Shopper Panel. The panel tracks more than 14,000 households per year that scan the UPC codes of the products they purchase. The product library is coded to the PRIZM Spectra segments. The database contains more than 9,000 brand and category profiles. The Homescan Media Profiles database is divided into three libraries of data: product class, brand, and module. Each library has a product hierarchy consistent with Nielsen’s category definitions. Homescan Media Profiles is available at all levels of geography down to the dissemination area in Canada (excluding the territories). When profiling variables, please use the Homescan Media Profiles benchmarks, such as Canada or one of the five available regions.

Below, you will find some additional resources linked for your reference: release notes and variables list.

Additional Resources:
Homescan Media Release Notes
Homescan Media Variables List

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