PRIZM segments capture current demographics, lifestyles, consumer behaviours and settlement patterns in Canada. PRIZM is the latest release of our pioneering segmentation system that classifies Canada's neighbourhoods into 68 unique lifestyle types. Continuing with methodology that integrates geographic, demographic and psychographic data, PRIZM incorporates the latest authoritative data from nearly a dozen demographic, marketing and media sources to help you better analyze and understand your customers and markets. PRIZM provides the foundation for building custom segments that are aligned to your goals and objectives.

Below you will find a short video that covers product details, sources, methodology, applications and key questions about this product. Watching this video will provide you with an overview of the product and give you some ideas for how it can be used in your own work.

Following the video, there are some additional resources linked for your reference: release notes, variable lists, metadata and other information.  

Additional Resources
Our PRIZM product is provided at two levels of geography: FSALDU (postal code) and Dissemination Area (DA). Along with the release notes, you will see reference to the following additional resources:

  • GeoProfiles: provides counts of households for each PRIZM segment within specific standard geographies
  • License files: provides the look-up between the combination of FSALDU and community name (Rural Enhanced) as well as the FSALDU (Unique); these files will allow you to assign the correct PRIZM code to your corresponding customer lists; please note, if you also license ENVISION, our software will do this coding for you
  • Variables List and Metadata: provides definitions of each of the variables in the corresponding datasets
  • Technical Document: provides additional detail around how PRIZM is developed


PRIZM Release Notes
PRIZM Technical Document

PRIZM GeoProfiles Variable List
PRIZM GeoProfiles Metadata
PRIZM Unique Licenses Variable List
PRIZM Rural Enhanced Licenses Variable List
PRIZM Licenses Metadata

PRIZM DA GeoProfiles Variable List
PRIZM DA GeoProfiles Metadata
PRIZM DA Unique Licenses Variable List
PRIZM DA Rural Enhanced Licenses Variable List
PRIZM DA Licenses Metadata

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