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The Businesses database provides a detailed list of businesses from Data Axle. It includes company name, Standard Industrial Classification (SIC), and North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) industry code and location coordinates for every business in the database. There are over 1 million records in this database and the data undergo an exhaustive telephone verification process every year to ensure accuracy. In addition, the data are cleaned by our analysts to identify duplicates to the fullest extent possible. The points are geocoded using the best available tools. As a geocoded locations database, the Businesses dataset is ideal for selecting individual or a network of businesses that can be used for trade area analysis, store rankings, and mapping competitors. This version of the Businesses cannot be used for direct mailing purposes, but if you require business locations for direct mail or telemarketing, please contact one of our Environics Analytics representatives for additional information.

Below is a short video that covers product details, sources, methodology, applications, and key questions about this product. Watching this video will provide you with an overview of the product and give you some ideas for how it can be used in your work.

Following the video, there are some additional resources linked for your reference: release notes, variables list, metadata, glossary, and NAICS code glossary.

Additional Resources

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