MobileScapes - USA

Enhance what you know about visitors to your store, branch or restaurant with mobile movement. With our team of experts and easy-to-use platform, you will be able to quickly analyze high volumes of complex data and enhance it by adding demographic, psychographic and lifestyle data to generate detailed visitor profiles, help keep tabs on the competition and bring a new advantage to the site selection process.

While mobility data can be complicated, ENVISION makes it easy. Our cloud-based, platform purpose-built for marketers, insights managers and real estate decision-makers enables you to produce clear and meaningful results within a few simple clicks. Our mobile data can be integrated with demographic, lifestyle, social values and spending information within segmentation systems like PRIZM® Premier, giving you a more complete profile of consumers in any trade area or location.

Below, you will find some additional resources linked for your reference: release notes and variables list.

Additional Resources:
MobileScapes Release Notes
MobileScapes Variables List

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