MobileScapes - USA

MobileScapes is the most comprehensive and up-to-date mobile movement database for marketing, planning, and business applications in the United States. These data, linked to demographic, segmentation, financial, behavioural, and psychographic consumer information, provide timely insights into the ongoing changes in the movement and behaviour of Americans. The MobileScapes database is updated daily.

Our data sources provide mobile movement data that is de-identified (removing any personally identifiable information to prevent re-identification), and received via permission-based, location-enabled apps. The mobile movement data are then used as inputs to models that normalize and weight to the general population by using best practices, external controls, and advanced modelling techniques. The models combine these summarized and de-identified movement data with other databases to create aggregated estimates of movement patterns.

A series of MobileScapes Trend reports are available to provide a trend analysis for mobile movement data through the lens of Environics Analytics databases, such as Pop-Facts opens in new window and PRIZM Premier opens in new window. Outside of ENVISION, MobileScapes Plus offers mobile movement extracts as configured and then standardized deliveries, such as weekly reports, dashboards, or other tailored extracts.

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