ClickSpend™ Powered by J.C. Williams Group allows retailers to compare the online and in-store market share of the average retailer operating in the same area. Retailers can use this database to understand their customers' shopping habits to optimize their merchandising mix and provide offers that are more relevant to their target market. The database considers the online and offline shopping habits of consumers across 14 different product categories, including clothing, health products and food. ClickSpend is derived from the Canadian E-tail Report, a semi-annual online survey conducted by the J.C. Williams Group and is modelled to be consistent with HouseholdSpend.

Below, you will find some additional resources linked for your reference: release notes, variables list, metadata, and concordance file.

Additional Resources:
ClickSpend Variables List
ClickSpend Release Notes
ClickSpend Metadata
ClickSpend Concordance File

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